Firm Overview

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Unyielding Commitment to ExcellenceAccounting, Assurance, Tax, and Management Advisory Services

Brown Edwards offers knowledgeable accounting, assurance, tax, and management advisory services. With a firm-wide staff of more than 350 professionals, our accounting firm is one of the largest independent CPA firms in the Virginia / West Virginia / Tennessee region.

We support individuals and businesses ranging from small companies to large corporations. Our success is directly attributable to an unyielding commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSIONHow Brown Edwards encourages diversity, equity and inclusion

Brown Edwards strives to create a work environment where diversity is welcome and to find ways to attract, develop, and retain exceptional individuals representing the diverse communities where we work and live. Our firm believes we are strongest when we genuinely listen to, and act upon, thoughts and opinions from individuals from all walks of life with different life experiences. Brown Edwards believes this openness leads to a stronger, more vibrant, workplace that will lead to even greater success for the firm and for our associates.

Our firm is taking steps to increase workforce diversity in a number of ways, including recruiting at historically black colleges and universities and on other major university campuses. We also sponsor student visas to allow foreign students the opportunity to work in the public accounting profession in the United States. In addition, Brown Edwards has formed an internal task force to evaluate and ensure that our firm does all we can to facilitate a diverse work environment.