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Experience matters in construction accounting. From financial planning and bonding to job costing and satisfying bank requirements, construction companies must manage operations in a way that protects cash flow and addresses ongoing needs.

Whether you are a small specialty contractor or a large heavy industrial construction business, Brown Edwards’ extensive knowledge of best practices can guide you through these financial challenges. Learn more about our construction accounting practice.

Brown Edwards provides comprehensive planning and coordination for your construction business. Our expertise and involvement in the industry distinguish our work. The team includes several Certified Public Accountants who have also achieved a designation in CCIFP (Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional). We host annual conferences in different industry areas, and many of our associates present at national events on financial management.

Like our work in other industries, our construction accounting practice is founded upon client support. We develop close relationships with businesses, provide constant communication, and offer exceptional service.

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Construction Accounting Services for Your Business

  • Benchmarking and industry comparison analysis
  • Computer technology and software selection
  • Job costing and indirect cost allocation systems
  • Contractor tax planning
  • Bonding and surety evaluation
  • Litigation claims support
  • Contractor licensing and pre-qualification
  • Employee benefit planning
  • Business valuations
  • Succession planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Specialized Consulting Programs

  • Bidding and pricing strategies
  • Incentive based compensation
  • Performance and operational reviews
  • Cash flow and budgeting for contractors

Brown Edwards Leads the Way in CCIFP ProfessionalsOur Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (CCIFPs) can help you navigate the complex revenue recognition rules and job cost accounting methods of the construction industry.

Construction has complex revenue recognition rules and job cost accounting methods. Many firms have construction clients, but they have not dedicated the resources necessary to make construction a major practice area. The firms with CCIFP public accounting certification for the construction industry have demonstrated commitment to the industry and proficiency in all areas of construction financial management.  With nine CCIFP certified professionals, Brown Edwards is among the top ten firms in the country regarding CCIFPs on staff.

The Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP®) designation is the only accounting certification for construction financial professionals accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO 17024:2012.

Public accounting professionals with the CCIFP certification must have a minimum 4,000 hours professional experience in construction in addition to showing expertise in eight knowledge domains, and only three of the knowledge domains are accounting-related:

  • Accounting and reporting
  • Income recognition methods
  • Risk management
  • Budgeting and planning
  • Legal
  • Human resources
  • Taxes
  • Information technology

So when you hire a public accountant as a partner for your business, insist on a firm with CCIFP public accounting certification for the construction industry.

Contact any of our CCIFP professionals to discover what a difference Brown Edwards can make for your company

Matt Burchett, CPA, MBA, CCIFP, CVA

Charleston, WV

Scott Clark, CPA, CCIFP, CMA, CCA

Roanoke, VA

Craig Daniels, CPA, CCIFP

Charleston, WV

Josh Graves, CPA, CCIFP

Charleston, WV

Tim George, CPA, CCIFP, MST

Charleston, WV

Rusty Hicks, CPA, CCIFP

Lynchburg, VA

Virginia McMahan, CPA, CVA, CCIFP

Bristol, Virginia

Billy Robinson, CPA, CCIFP

Kingsport, TN

David Sheaffer, CPA, CCIFP

Lynchburg, VA

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